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Metal Shaping


Interested in learning more about metalshaping?

I offer multi-day classes for a maximum of 3 people per class.

The class is individually tailored to those attending. Subjects covered are chosen by the individuals attending, per their needs.


Day one usually goes over the basics of metalshaping. But if you are advanced we can go over some of the following subjects, per the attendees preference:

*Trimming, fitting, and tig welding a seam.

*Planishing out, and finishing a weld seam.

*Understanding the 3 basic shapes in any panel.

*Use of a paper pattern.

*Use of wood bucks.

*What order to shape a panel in.

*Introductory use of a Power Hammer, Planishing Hammer, Lennox (such as a Pullmax), and Shrinker.

*Putting in crown in a panel.

*Laying out beads, pre-stretch, and forming beads.

*Thumbnail shrinking on the Lennox, and Power Hammer.

*Flipping edges on a radius.

*Die making.

The following days offer much more detail, and will include some of the following subjects, per the attendees preference:

*Shaping a door skin, with the top bead pressed, and all the edges flipped.

*Shaping a high crown panel, such as a fender.

*Creating and installing a patch panel with a finished weld seam.

*Fabricating wooden bucks.

If you have a specific project or piece you would like to bring in order to learn how to properly repair or fabricate it, I am more than happy to dedicate as much time as you would like to the project.

The multi-day classes are open any time during the week Monday through Saturday.

The class fee is $800 a day flat rate. This $800 amount can be split between two to three people.

If you are interested in taking a class, please fill out the contact info.


Thanks for submitting!

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